Ray's Spinning Place - Images that I like.
Arthur & Maureen - watercolour, Apr '19Cartoon of McCriick, - pen & ink plus wash, Dec '04
Robert Plant, Pencil - May '18
EQUESTRIAN Mk 1, - Nov '17Soft pencil sketch, -Oct '17
Model with a hat, June '17
Lady in the Park, - biro Nov '16
Watercolour, - Nov '17

'Lady in-waiting', - Inktense pencils, Jan '17
'....and I mean it' - watercolour pencil, Nov '17
'WEDDING PARTY' - pencil, Oct '16

'Am I Sure?', Apr '17
BEAUTY 2 - 2016Watercolour Pencil, May '17'BLACK RHINO' Aquarell pencils - Nov '17

Rally of the Giants 2016 - car owner'A Trojan Amazon weeping' - pencil, Jun '17G

Caricatures, - watercolour pencils, Mar '19Model, - graphite aquarelle pencil + water, Mar '19Tina Turner, - charcoal, Feb '19The 5 ages of womankind, - pencil, A modest Geisha - biro & watercolour, Oct '18Miss Coel - Watercolour, Oct '18Negress I - soft pencil, Sept '18Mossy. - conte drawing, Aug '18Positive Old Man - Biro & colour wash, June '18Giffords Circus horse rider - Watercolour sticks, May '18Woman with a Harpy head - charcoal & conte crayon, May '18Phyllida Law & Alexandra Burke, Pencil - May '18Biro, - Jan '18Actress HELEN McCRORY - biro, Mar '17 Soft pencil, - Nov '17John on Prescott - 'Today' interview.  2006'I love my horse' - watercolour July '16Trump, Mar '17Actor Anne-Marie-Duff, Mar '17CLEANER AT OXFORD ILLUS' LTD 1980'sROG 2016 event - biro & colour wash, July '16Edwardian safari headhunter, 1980'sBiro II, Feb '17Watercolour pencil, Apr '17Leather-clad Kate Moss, Jun '17Biro ink & watercolour, Jun '17INK & BIROBiro I, Oct '16Sarah Jessica PARKERGirl from NEXT - part 1Karen, Apr '17Actor Sheriden Smith, Mar '17'that's the last time...', Mar '17Old Man in the Bull Ring around 1972, 2017'FED UP of him, this time...', Feb '17Local chat in Benitses, 1972Man at ROG meet, 2016Watercolour pencil, Jan '17'Camilla Sullivan' - pencil & w/colour on line board, Sept '15AN AUDIENCE AT BULL ST MARKET, B'HAM 1973, - biro, Nov '16 BEAUTY 1 - 2016Cockeral in w/colour, Jan '17Biro III, Nov '16Soft pencil, Sept '16Aphrodite 'is coming alive', Oct '16Biro IV, Oct '16Argentine Tango - Sept 2016Notting Hill Carneval 2016Anita Ekburg, Jul '16Rally Of The Giants, - spectator or Giant owner? - biro, July '16Man at a wedding - 2016Negress in watercolour - 2016PERSEUS AND THE GORGON  -  1974Biro V, Aug '16Mossy, in soft pencil, Jun '16John Bradby - artist of the 50's, 60's, 70's, & 80's.Girl from NEXT - part 2Verushka  -  1971'Tuppeny Tube'. Pencil, wash on PVA -  2005  Jack in the meteorite.  -  2013People at a wedding reception'Come Fly With Me' - 2006People at a WEDDING RECEPTIONTrevor Eve - 2015Tower of London tortures - 1976(a pastel - 1 of 8) - 1990'sHADES  -  1974Benitses local - 2015Nathan & Ayisha.  April 2014Randy Satyr  -  1974Man in the mirrors  -  1976'Show jumping' sequence - 1990'sWheatsheaf Inn, Pencil on PVA  -  1971The Apple before the Ape  -  1973Auburn Delights - 1985The Golden Mean - 1983End of the pier - 1974The Year of the Dragon.  2012Hawaii Three 3 - 1980's'Nothing wrong with your teeth'.  2010Age and death behold thee.  2009A bride to be.  2010The Profumo Affair.  2010Berlusconi - a self-confessed 'donnaiolo'.  2010The Year of the Tiger.  2010'Nagging' blackbird.  2010I can't stand cruises. -  2005The Year of the Rabbit.  2011

The Krays.  2010'Wild Angels'  -  1974

Anonymous - 2000(?)

Camilla in pink.  2010Arnold 'two dinners' Goodman QC.  2010Early Tapiers.  2009Tanguera.  2010Jack in the box.  2011Anonymous.  2005Nathan's sussed it.  2011Chav WAGs.  2005Flying and 'creepy' crawlies.  1995'The Day the Sun Cooled Down' - 1976Prince Philip.  2008Edwardian safari.  -  1990'sHades in the underworld.  -  1974Ayisha - A star amongst the stars.  2011Barquerntine - (from the Gomenghast).  2011Lord Boothby.  2010The grass is always 'Greener'.  2007'Fruity' Carmen.  2010

Europa & the Bull (Zeus), - pencil on lineboard, 1974